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Frequently Asked Questions

Who's the perfect fit for ZapSimple?

A brilliant question! ZapSimple caters to entrepreneurs and small to medium businesses aiming to bulletproof their operations through AI. Our bespoke automations, devoid of hefty custom code costs, can seamlessly integrate into your business in just a few days.

Who won't benefit from ZapSimple?

ZapSimple may not suit those who are looking to develop web applications or require intricate, custom-coded AI solutions. If you're on the fence about whether we're the right fit for you, feel free to book a call with us.

Do I need to know what automations I need, or can you help identify the best ones?

If you've already envisioned the automations you want, that's great! But if not, no worries at all. Numerous businesses have vast untapped potential for optimization through our automation systems. Our team will help you discover these during our initial workshop call and assist you in prioritizing the ones that matter most.

Can I request unlimited automations?

Once you're subscribed, feel free to queue as many automation requests as you'd like. We'll deliver them sequentially, one after the other.

Is there a refund policy if I'm unsatisfied with the service?

We provide a no questions asked money back guarantee up to 30 days after purchasing our service.

Who's on the development team?

Our team consists of 6 software developers that are all experts in AI Automations. Our team is growing fast and hiring fast!

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